Collegiate Security

What We Do

Watchman LLC is a private security company specializing in individual collegiate security. Our customizable security program is for domestic and international students who are attending colleges in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and their parents.

Watchman LLC’s objective is for each student to have a safe learning environment so they can enjoy their college experience in today’s world while also giving parents the peace of mind of that no matter how far away their children are attending college, there is a highly trained professional looking out for them.

What Makes Us Special

All colleges offer social services and have campus security. What makes our security program different is the personalized, individual attention we provide each student and their parents which can be especially helpful for parents who live outside of the country or state and don’t have immediate access to their child.

Just a few of the things we address immediately with incoming students:

  • Students are often not familiar with the local culture or the security risks within the school’s setting and the surrounding area.
    • Students are provided a security tour of the school and surrounding area. Areas of danger are addressed as well as areas the students should avoid.

  • Colleges will not accept a foreign phone number as an emergency contact phone number, allowing only in-country phone numbers as emergency contacts.
    • Watchman LLC offers a twenty-four hour, seven days a week contact phone number.

  • If the student or the parent have any concerns or worries, peace of mind is a phone call away and when necessary, a response in person.
    • Watchman LLC provides 24 hour access to security professionals.

The Process

Your student will be assigned a Watchman who will be your child’s local emergency contact. This Watchman serves two purposes: the first is to keep parents informed on their child’s safety, giving them peace of mind and a security contact that they can reach out to 24 hours a day. The second is to provide a local resource for your child that they, too, can reach out to at any time.

On a bi-weekly basis, in person contact is made by me with each student to make sure they are maintaining security awareness and update them on any security issues in the area.

The parents are also updated on a regular basis on the student’s progress. Assistance can be provided to each student in securing housing, transportation, obtaining furniture. If a student has any medical issues assistance can be provided in obtaining local medical treatment.

Watchman LLC also offers safe and secure transportation to and from airports as well as transportation to Boston and New York for a nominal fee.

Watchman LLC also offers complete background checks on individuals and businesses if requested.

Watchman LLC’s Collegiate Security Program if offered to a limited number of students and their families. All services provided by Watchman LLC are covered under a monthly fee.

Get to Know Dennis Malloy

“Over a fifteen-year period I had five daughters attend colleges out of State. I was no different than any parent who’s child is not only far from home, but in an unfamiliar part of the country: there was the ever-constant worry if they were safe, and their environment was safe.

With that in mind I have developed a security program for the student that provides the parents and the student a local contact that can assist the student with any issues they may have while attending college. My goal is to provide relief and assurance to every parent going through what I did when my daughters left the nest.”