Electronic Data Extraction/Spyware

Watchman, LLC offers digital forensic extraction from cell phones, tablets and computers. Using a remote extraction process all information that was ever on the device can be recovered, even recoverable deleted items. All emails, text messages, photos, virtually any information that was ever on a phone, tablet, or computer can be recovered. All extracted information is loaded onto a USB drive for the customer in an easy to read format. Extractions can be customized to look for certain information or certain time frames. Extractions usually take about one hour or less to complete. The customer is provided an authentication letter which is a legal admissible document that verifies the details of the extraction and the certification of the computer engineer doing the work. Because full extractions can result on thousands of pages of information a USB drive is utilized. This service is very helpful in obtaining evidence from business cell phones, tablets and computers that have been used in fraudulent practices. Our service has also assisted law enforcement with obtaining evidence in criminal cases.

Watchman, LLC also preforms spyware scans and vulnerability assessments on cell phones. Each spyware scan takes about one hour. A certified engineer performs the spyware scan and provides a detailed report summarizing and addressing all the spyware and vulnerabilities found on the phone and identifying who put the spyware on the phone and when. Because this process is automated nobody views any of the data on the phone and private information remains private. As everyone knows, the public disclosure of personal information from hackers and cyber criminals can ruin someone’s reputation, their business, their relationship and their life. Spyware is becoming increasingly easier to install on cell phones. One wrong click on an infected email or text message can give cyber criminals access to a cell phone’s microphone and camera in real time, not to mention access to photos, financial data, text messages, and more. Please call Watchman, LLC for a free consultation on this new technology that is now available through Watchman, LLC. Saving your reputation or your businesses sensitive information is priceless.